Vitamin C Gummies
Vitamin C Gummies
Vitamin C Gummies
Vitamin C Gummies

Vitamin C Gummies

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Daily Support for Your Health*, Extra Strength 250mg Vitamin C Supplement, Antioxidant Support for Adults and Kids, Excellent Immune System Support.* *

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Key Features

Supports Your Immune System Stop sickness in its tracks! Make sure your body is getting the support it needs with our tasty, convenient Vitamin C gummies.*

Contains Powerful Antioxidants Get your daily vitamins the easy way! Vitamin C is a powerful ascorbic acid that contains a wide variety of health-supporting antioxidants. *

Delicious Chewable Vitamin C Gummies Just by taking two super-tasty Vitamin C gummies each day, you can give your body the health support it needs.

Vitamin C Benefits at a Glance

A Tasty Source of Antioxidants and Minerals *

Helps Stop Cell Damage*

Build-ups of free radicals can lead to oxidative stress. Vitamin C helps your body to fight free radicals and inflammation.*

Supports Your Skin Health*

Avoid wrinkles and sun damage! A daily dose of Vitamin C can help you keep your skin healthy, supple, and smooth.*

Promotes Collagen Production*

Ensuring that your body has enough Vitamin C will enhance natural levels of collagen production and help you stay healthy.*

Get the Minerals You Need

Many people don’t get the Iron they need every day to stay healthy. Our Vitamin C gummies provide support for the body’s normal Iron levels.*

Support for Strong Bones*

Bones can weaken and become brittle as we get older. Our chewable Vitamin C gummies can support normal bone density to help your bones stay strong.*

Support for Your Eyesight*

Vitamin C supports the health of the eye’s fragile capillaries. Taking Vitamin C gummies is a quick and simple way to support your eye health.*

Ingredients used

Vitamin C

250 MG per serving


Helps support reactions against free radicals that cause cell damage*

Customer Reviews

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  • Are Vitamin C gummies effective?

    The Orphic Nutrition Vitamin C gummies for adults provide you with the daily recommended dosage of Vitamin C. They are made with pectin, contain no GMO products, dairy, or gluten, and are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. .

  • How much Vitamin C should I take daily?

    Our Vitamin C gummies contain 250mg of Vitamin C per serving. A healthy adult should take no more than two gummies per day. Please do not exceed the recommended daily dose and check with your doctor before taking any kind of health supplement. *

  • When should we take Vitamin C?

    You can enjoy our Vitamin C gummies for adults at any time you choose. You’ll still get all the Vitamin C benefits no matter when you take them.

  • What does Vitamin C do?

    Vitamin C is a powerful and essential antioxidant that supports our bodies in fighting off harmful free radicals, supports the body to better absorb minerals, and supports the healthy growth of skin, bones, blood vessels, and cartilage.

  • What are other benefits of Vitamin C?

    Due to our body not being able to produce Vitamin C naturally, we need the daily dose to help strengthen not only our immune system, but also helps repair cell damage in our skin and helps combat signs of aging. You will feel good inside and out while taking these delicious gummies.*