Digestive Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes
Digestive Enzymes

Digestive Enzymes

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Formulated To Quickly Relieve Stomach Discomforts, Build Immunity & Add More Nutritional Value To Your Diet. Blended With Probiotics & Prebiotics For The Population Of Good Bacteria In The Digestive System. *

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Key Features

Proprietary Enzyme Blend

Optimal Support for Healthy Digestion*

Supports Nutritional Health*

Provides temporary relief from minor, normal gas, bloating and stomach discomfort*


Feel Good In Your Body

Gut Health

Formulated with 3 strains of Lactobacillus bacteria and enzyme blend for naturally supports digestive health.*

Helps with Minor, Everyday Bloating*

Provides temporary relief from minor, normal gas, bloating and stomach discomfort.*

Immune Health

Assists in the digestion process and helps support overall health.*

Healthy Digestion

Enzymes like amylase and lactase aid in the process of digestion and breakdown of simple sugars.*

Nutrient Absorption

Helps break down carbohydrates, fats and proteins for the added absorption of nutrients in the stomach.*

Colon Health

The probiotic and prebiotic blend help lower the pH levels in the colon causing relief in bowel movements.*

Ingredients Used

Probiotic Blend

500 MG to balance good bacteria in stomach*

Prebiotic Blend

201 MG to nourish good bacteria to grow*

  • How many probiotics does this product have?

    Our Digestive Enzymes is formulated with three strains of probiotics. Lactobacillus acidophilus; lactobacillus casei; improves symptoms of minor, temporary, normal constipation, and lactobacillus plantarum; stimulates immune function to improve the colon. All of these probiotics work in different ways to help your system.*

  • Will this product cause stomach pain?

    Although our product's purpose is to help your digestion, resulting in your bowel movements becoming more regular, you will not experience any severe stomach discomfort while during the process of taking this supplement.*

  • Does this product work the same as a laxative?

    Our Digestive Enzymes work to help regulate your bowel movements, but they do not work as fast or as harshly as a laxative would. They help your system to overall feel better giving you reduced bloating, gas and indigestion.*

  • Is this product easy to take?

    Our capsules are easy to swallow! Just make sure to take 1 capsule to start your day with a 8oz glass of water.

  • Can this product be taken in conjunction with other weight loss products?

    Our Digestive Enzymes work to help your system process foods better and make your digestive tract feel better overall. The added benefit of this product may help you shred a few pounds, but it is not formulated directly for that desired effect. With that being said you are able to take this product while using other supplements at the same time. We highly recommend you consult your doctor first before consuming any supplements.*