Five Reasons to Get Excited About Elderberry. How Elderberry Works to Support Your Health*

Elderberry has been prized for its health-giving properties for centuries*. Native Americans used elderberries to make revitalizing tea. The ancient Egyptians used elderberry to treat scars, burns, and as a skin cleanser though modern science has not proven the benefit. The Greek scholar and father of modern medicine Hippocrates described the elder tree as his “medicine chest”. Elderberries were also widely used in folk medicine throughout Europe*. 

Elderberry is still popular as a way to support overall health*. If you are curious to learn about how an elderberry supplement can help you to stay healthy, keep reading this article*. We’ll give you five good reasons to get excited about elderberries! 

What Is Elderberry?

Technically there are approximately 30 different types of elder trees throughout the world. The genus most revered for its health benefits is Sambucus nigra, also known as black elderberry or European elderberry. Found throughout Europe, Asia, and North America, black elderberry plants have distinctive white flowers and deep purple-colored (black) berries. 

How Can Elderberry Supplements Support Your Health?*

Here are five reasons why you should be excited about elderberry supplements:

Supports Your Immune System*

Elderberry juice is an age-old folk remedy support health*. The antioxidants in elderberries may help support your immune system*. Elderberries also have high amounts of vitamin C, which act to further support the immune system’s reactions*. 

Supports Your Heart Health*

Elderberries are known for their flavonoids, especially bioactive compounds called anthocyanins*. Anthocyanins support heart health and cholesterol levels already in the normal range*. 

Supports Your Natural Inflammatory Response*

The anthocyanin content in elderberries helps to support the body's natural inflammatory response*. Additionally, all those antioxidants support the body in its reactions against free radicals*. 

Supports the Digestive System*

Black elderberries support good gut health and help you to digest foods more easily*.

Supports Healthier Skin*

Because elderberries have high concentrations of vitamin A and vitamin C, they can support your body in retaining moisture, supporting your skin health*. The support that anthocyanin provides for the body's natural inflammatory response also helps to maintain your skin structure*. 

How Much Elderberry Should You Take Per Day?

While there is no standard recommended dose of elderberry supplements, it is always advisable to not take more than the daily dosage recommended by the manufacturer. Most people can take up to 375 mg of elderberry per day*. 

What are the risks of taking Elderberry Supplements?

It is safe to take elderberry supplements from a reliable manufacturer. Once again, we advise that you check the ingredient list and never exceed the recommended maximum daily dose. Taking too much elderberry can result in an upset stomach or cause diarrhea*.

However, you should never consume any product made from raw elderberries or the bark, leaves, or flowers of the elder plant. The elder plant in its raw form cannot be digested and is considered to be poisonous. The elderberries contained in supplements have been carefully processed to remove all poisonous compounds and make them digestible and safe*. 

Where Can You Buy Elderberry Supplements?

You can support your health with the tasty and convenient Elderberry Gummies from Orphic Nutrition*. Each gummy is made with 100 mg of elderberry extract as well as Vitamin C and Zinc. Our Elderberry Gummies are the perfect way for the whole family to enjoy the benefits of elderberry*.