Tired Of That Work From Home Blues? Learn How Neuro Prime Can Help You Get Back On The Right Track!

It is known that a person is born with the information that the Universe gives him/her. From the moment of birth, there are already 14 billion cells in the human brain. The months and years of growing up do not increase but decrease this invaluable potential. Maybe a born baby has a universal intellect and is much smarter than adults. And then, as he/she grows up, the child gradually loses his intellectual strength.

After 25 years, the number of cells decreases by 100 thousand per day. Even in a minute, sadly, 70 cells die. The modern way of life, especially in the current situation when many people are working from home, with its constant stress load and unfavourable environmental conditions, damages fragile cells and provokes brain diseases.

Does this mean that everything is fatal and nothing can be changed? Not at all. Humans, as rational thinking creatures, systematizes the accumulated knowledge and experience to overcome any negative influences. On this page, you will find out how cognitive enhancer supplements help the brain, how to minimize the loss of health, and what needs to be done today and now.

Risk Factors

There are objective reasons that affect human brain activity. Among them are the so-called risk factors that all people are exposed to, regardless of gender, social status, and nationality. When you work from home, the following risk factors can be a cause of bad memory and other brain related issues:

1. Stress

This is one of the main risk factors during the pandemic. Even short-term stress, such as haste, can disrupt the functioning of nerve cells. Massive and prolonged stress has more serious consequences. A stress hormone damages the hippocampus, the brain region responsible for learning and retaining memory.

2. Female & Male Differences

Women suffer from degenerative brain diseases more often than men. Men may encounter brain diseases earlier, especially those who are obese. When you work from home, you get some extra pounds that are usually associated with high levels of cholesterol, blood sugar, and high blood pressure. All this taken together leads to the development of atherosclerosis of the brain vessels, decreasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain tissue.

3. Age (Biological)

In the second half of life or early aging, the number of brain diseases increases sharply. After 40 years, the brain's degradation accelerates. After 50, neurones (nerve cells) "dry out," and the brain's volume shrinks. The number of brain diseases is sharply increasing. There is a risk of developing cerebral atherosclerosis, impairing cerebral blood flow, which impairs cerebral activity. So, if you are above 40, you must try the best nootropics for brain energy.

4. Infections 

Disorders of the brain often occur during intoxication, after viral diseases, such as influenza, COVID-19, and herpes. Viral infections very often affect the nervous system. It is good for the patient if a small branch of a distant nerve is damaged, but sometimes the virus enters the central nervous system and affects the brain. A person thinks that he/she has the flu, drinks antipyretic and pain relievers, but as the disease progresses, memory and the ability to concentrate deteriorates. The process is often irreversible.

In this situation, Neuro Prime Brain Booster can be the best solution for you. If you want to beat procrastination working from home? Let Orphic help you find the solution.

Neuro Prime Brain Booster - a guarantee of efficiency!

The technology for the production of Neuro Prime Brain Booster allows you to combine all the necessary compounds in one preparation in the most optimal safe dosage and get the necessary predicted effect as quickly as possible.

Advantages Of Neuro Prime Brain Booster

1. Effective Components 

The Neuro Prime Brain Booster contains bioactive components that are effective. The components increase the speed of transmission of nerve impulses, stimulates mental activity, and improves the regulatory effect of the nervous system on organs and tissues, which has a beneficial effect on the entire body. 

2. Improves Microcirculation 

Brain Booster effectively improves microcirculation by delivering oxygen and nutrients in the required amount.

3. Suitable For Both Prophylaxis & Ambulance

Brain Booster is effective both under normal conditions (for prevention, at a young age to improve creativity) and in critical conditions (against the background of a stroke, it promotes cell regeneration, restricts the area defeat).

4. Powerful Antioxidant

Neuro Prime Brain Booster has a pronounced antioxidant effect directed to the nervous system's structures and cells. It effectively protects the cells of the nervous system of a person of advanced age from damage caused by stress, medication, cerebral circulation disorders, isolation, and unfavourable ecology.

5. Safety

Contains ingredients in an optimal, safe dosage even with prolonged use, acts gently, regulating the functioning of the nervous system and the brain at the cellular and sub-cellular levels.

6. Improves Blood Flow 

Improves blood flow through the vessels of the brain, reduces the risk of thrombus formation, thereby providing the nervous system and the brain with everything necessary for its normal functioning.

7. Improves Functioning Of The Nervous System

It Improves the functioning of the nervous system, and the brain in particular, by influencing all the basic mechanisms that ensure its normal activity.

8. Increases Resistance Of The Brain

It has a protective effect and increases the brain's resistance to various negative influences, lack of oxygen (hypoxia).

It is known that the brain's weight is only 2% of the weight of the human body, but at the same time, it consumes 20% of the glucose and oxygen entering the body. It is glucose and oxygen that are the main "fuel" on which the brain works. With an insufficient supply of glucose and oxygen, which occurs, as a rule, due to a violation of cerebral blood flow, the activity of the nervous system suffers.

Neuro Prime Brain Booster increases cerebral blood flow , thereby improving its work, prevents strokes, and promotes the restoration of brain cells after strokes.

Indications For Use

  • Prevention and recovery period after an acute cerebrovascular accident (stroke).
  • Prevention and compensation of age-related disorders of the brain (decreased memory, attention, and senile changes in intelligence).
  • Anxiety in depressive states.
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), nervous or physical fatigue, weakening of memory, ability to concentrate.
  • Conditions requiring increased tension of the nervous system and the brain's active work (typical for school children, students, people of creative professions).
  • Neurocirculatory dystonia (previously called vegetative-vascular dystonia or cardiac neurosis), that is, a violation of the tone of the cerebral vessels, manifested in headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, weakness, weakness, fatigue, hot flashes of heat and cold, sweating, cold fingers arms and legs, changes in blood pressure, sleep disturbances (insomnia in the evening, drowsiness in the morning, intermittent, superficial sleep); as well as vegetative-vascular dystonia in smokers and alcohol abusers.
  • Recovery after brain injuries (bruises, concussions), surgical treatment of diseases of the brain and blood vessels.
  • Alzheimer 's disease.


There is no side effect of these brain-boosting supplements, but still, some side effects can be noticed in case of:

  • individual intolerance to ingredients.
  • pregnancy, breastfeeding.

It is the safest, most effective, and modern means of preventing aging, early correction of any disorders in the activity of the brain and blood vessels. For best results, combine with other supplements available in our store.

In Summary

Common diseases because of home base jobs are chronic fatigue, loss of zest for life, and neurotic disorders. This situation is mainly associated with strenuous work in the home-based office, excessive responsibility, hectic pace of life, and stress. Improper diet and lack of physical activity complete the job. What is needed for a clear view and quick mind?

The use of Neuro Prime Brain Booster allows you to gently, quickly, safely, and effectively affect all the main links in the development of diseases of the nervous system and brain, return a sick person to a normal, active lifestyle.
One of the main advantages is that its formulas make it possible to partially or completely abandon drug therapy (in agreement with the doctor). In many cases, this helps patients to avoid drug-disease, negative side complications, expand the patient's motor regime, improve his quality of life, slow down and postpone aging.

We wish you health and active longevity! Stay home! Stay healthy!