The Types and Benefits of Collagen Peptides: A Complete Guide

Collagen peptides - a substance that preserves youthful skin and healthy hair

Collagen is a filamentous protein that is found in all tissues of the human body. Its role is not only to make us look younger and more beautiful, but it is also involved in the "building" of our joints, bones, tendons, hair, nails, and skin. It makes up 35% of all proteins in our bodies. Unfortunately our bodies begins to produce less of it as we age. The amount of collagen peptides vital proteins are also negatively affected by environmental pollution, unhealthy lifestyle, bad habits, and poor nutrition. The required level can be restored with a balanced diet and taking collagen peptides supplements.

What Causes Collagen Loss?

Fibroblasts not only create but also destroy collagen with the help of the collagenase enzyme. It breaks down protein molecules, after which they are processed by special blood cells - macrophages. In this case, amino acids are formed, which are involved in the creation of new collagen. This is a necessary and natural life process.

Important! At the age of 25-30, the process of destruction begins to prevail over protein synthesis. So, up to 35 years, the human body recovers about 6 kg of collagen per year, and after that - only 3 kg, while a large amount of damaged, fragmented collagen accumulates, which is not able to perform its functions in full.

Age is not the only factor affecting the production of a substance. There are other reasons for its deficiency. These are the effects of ultraviolet radiation, the effects of free radicals, smoking, alcohol, excessive physical activity, various health problems, hormone imbalances associated with menopause or aging.

You can restore the necessary level of collagen in the body with a balanced diet or taking collagen peptides supplements that contain components necessary for its production. It should be noted that protein obtained from food will not "build" into the skin or bones to restore their elasticity and strength. But with food, you can get the substances necessary for the synthesis of your own collagen.

Types of Collagen

Like any protein, collagen is composed of amino acids. There are mainly three amino acids that predominate in the chain - Glycine, Hydroxyproline, and Arginine. Depending on the amino acid sequence and molecular structure, there are about 28 types of collagen in nature.

The main and important ones for maintaining health and beauty are types 1, 2, and 3.

So, let's take a closer look at each of them:

Type 1 - This collagen is found in all types of tissues of the human body. This component is responsible for elasticity, water balance, and absorption of nutrients. This collagen is specifically for skin, bones, and connective tissues.

Type 2 - This collagen is useful for joints, tendons. The element acts as a medicinal and prophylactic agent for; rheumatism, arthritis, inflammation, and other diseases. They are used in both food supplements and ointments. This type requires a careful approach and a special dosage for treatment.

Type 3 - This type of collagen is also called the "young" component. Responsible for elasticity, metabolism, and skin cells' condition in general (including hair and nails).

Type 1 and 3 are responsible for the rejuvenation of the body, tone, and general condition. In contrast, Type 2 provides the restoration of joints, discs, and cartilage. 

Origins of Collagen

It must be admitted that we cannot obtain collagen in sufficient quantities from food. Today dozens of technologies have been developed for producing collagen on an industrial scale from different sources:

Animal Collagen 

It is the most abundant and readily available type. The production consists of the processing of cartilaginous, articular tissues, skins of mammals and birds. It is the most studied and tested over the years of use in cosmetology and nutrition. This type is the simplest and most affordable among analogs.

Some of its features:

- Well absorbed when taken orally
- Due to the large molecule, it penetrates poorly through the dermis
- Affordable price
- Easy storage

Marine Collagen 

It is a product obtained from the tissues of the epidermis of fish and other marine life. Such a protein is considered to be more effective since it is completely absorbed through the intestinal walls when ingested. Production technology also requires special devices and high-quality transportation. This product breaks down more easily and requires careful storage, which is why its cost may be higher.

Some of its features are:

- Well absorbed when taken orally
- The molecule is closest to humans and better passes through the dermis
- Promotes the production of native collagen
- Difficulties in production
- Requires sterility during storage

Plant Species

Some experts also distinguish a plant species. Wheat, like other cereals by themselves, does not have protein. Therefore, the gluten contained in the embryos of seeds undergoes hydrolysis (or decomposition to a molecular level under the influence of water). The resulting elements are fermented and put into the production of cosmetic or therapeutic products.

Some features of these proteins are:

- Animal-like structure, but not collagen
- Hypoallergenic
- Well absorbed on the surface of human skin
- Complex production
- Very high price 

Collagen Peptides Benefits

Joint Diseases

Collagen is used as a prophylactic or therapeutic agent in the treatment of various disorders of the musculoskeletal system:

- Painful sensations in the knees, shoulder, elbow, and small joints of the hands
- Destructive and inflammatory diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, osteoarthritis, arthritis, etc).
- Articular meteorological dependence (feeling of pain, discomfort in the joints when atmospheric pressure changes and high humidity).
- Degenerative and inflammatory changes in the musculoskeletal system.
- Contusions, dislocations, fractures, sprains.
- Prevention of diseases of the spine and joints with certain risk factors (chronic inflammatory processes, increased physical activity, heredity, etc).

Bechterew's Disease

Collagen Peptides contain sulfur that significantly enhances the therapeutic effect. Sulfur strengthens the immune system and normalizes cellular activity, which reduces inflammatory processes that provoke swelling and impaired joint mobility.

Benefits Of Collagen For Hair

The use of collagen products contributes to the formation of a protective film on the hair, which reduces the negative effects of the environment and UV radiation.

The benefits of using this substance for hair are obvious:

- Restores damaged hair structure.
- Moisturizes and gives a natural shine.
- Promotes volume increase.
- Strengthens hair, increases elasticity.
- Prevents split ends.

Benefits Of Collagen For The Skin

The substance is very important for the skin. It has excellent moisturizing properties that are useful to restore elasticity and tones.

Collagen has some positive effects on the skin:

- Normalizes blood circulation and metabolic processes.
- Removes toxins.
- Smoothes fine wrinkles, smoothes the skin surface.
- Reduces puffiness.
- Prevents the formation of wrinkles.
- Increases elasticity and firmness.

Sleep Disorders

Glycine, which is part of the protein, has a mild sedative and hypnotic effect. Therefore, drugs based on it improve the quality of sleep and promote good rest.

How to take Collagen Peptides?

Collagen is used in many cosmetic products, but it is necessary to understand that the body's most effective collagen is the collagen synthesized by the body. Therefore, the best way to replenish your body with collagen is to provide it with "building materials," namely, peptides and amino acids. So the best way to take collagen with peptides in hydrolyzed form. This means that it will be absorbed by our bodies easily.

Collagen peptides capsules and collagen peptides powder are the best sources of getting collagen in hydrolyzed form. In this form, you can find proteins and amino acids in the composition and vitamins and minerals. But collagen peptides capsules are easy to use and easy to transport. These capsules has neither have taste nor smell, and you can digest them easily.


Collagen is essential for the normal functioning of the human body. It is important not only for the skin but also for muscles, teeth, bones, and joints. This substance gives firmness and elasticity to all tissues and organs of our body. With the help of this substance, we can move without any difficulties. After bruises or injuries, the body quickly recovers precisely due to the properties of this protein. It is also responsible for skin tightening, hair, and nails strengthening.

Collagen preparations deserve attention due to the following features:

- Very rarely cause side effects.
- Combine well with chondoprotectors and NSAIDs.
- A large assortment allows you to choose the most suitable product.
- The use is not addictive and is considered safe.

Today, many manufacturers offer collagen supplements. In order not to be mistaken with the choice and to buy the most effective option, you need to give preference to brands with an established good reputation. Such companies do not need one-time profits from low-quality products, it is stability that ensures their well-being.

Orphic Nutrition has proven itself to be an effective anti-aging agent. They are natural, have a pleasant taste, and are easy to use. In addition, the products of this brand are enriched with vitamins and minerals necessary for maximum digestibility of collagen hydrolysate and its own synthesis. Each serving contains 1500mg high-quality collagen (types I, II, III, V, and X) to strengthen and maintain your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles, and heart! What is better is up to you, and we only wish you good health, beauty, and youth for many years!