Purge That Sugar Urge

Purge that sugar urge!


We understand that the decision to give up sugar isn’t an easy one. It’s literally everywhere and in almost everything you can buy at the supermarket. Unfortunately, giving up sugar doesn’t come without its own internal fight.


Your body has become so used to the sickly white stuff that you will crave it. Stay strong and keep fighting the good fight against the unhealthy powder with these gobsmackingly good craving busters.


Give in on the right thing


Dying for something sweet, give in. Go on, I’m giving you the chance. WAIT! Before you run off to grab those cookies or chocolate, think about what’s sweet in life without sugar. Fruit. A sweet piece of fruit will give you plenty of fiber, vitamins, as well as hit that sweet spot. It can be baked in a cake as apples make a great substitution for sugar in muffins. If cake isn’t on the menu, a smoothie with some sugar free protein powder will kill that craving and make you feel full. If you are still feeling like a “naughty” treat, a dried date with nut butter on it is better than most candy bars you can buy. Try it, we’ll think you’ll agree.


Turn the craving to motivation


Kicking sugar to the curb like it was a bad date (the romantic kind) is all part of living a healthier lifestyle. Take a craving as your body’s signal to get moving. Go for a walk, a swim, hit the gym, just go and get active. One of two things will happen, one; your cravings will turn into a workout obsession which can be a good thing. Or, if you’re like me, your body will think it’s getting punished for wanting sugar and will stop asking for it. Mostly so it doesn’t have to do more squats.


You can do it! Live the life you want to live and not be a slave to refined sugar.


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