How To Eat Healthy On a Budget

Staying healthy means sticking to a balanced diet full of fresh fruit, vegetables, and protein. However, as the cost of living and the price of regular supermarket staples continues to rise, it can be tough not to swap out healthy foods for cheaper, not so nutritious alternatives.

With a little thought and planning, you can enjoy healthy foods without having to spend a fortune. To help you save your pennies and stay in great shape, the team at Orphic Nutrition has put together a list of suggestions on how you can eat healthy while on a budget.

By following the below tips combined with a few of our excellent health-supporting supplements, you can easily get all the vitamins and nutrients you need every day. For the best results, make sure you check with a medical professional before taking any kind of supplement.

Are you ready to discover great ways to be both health- and budget-conscious? Let’s get right to it!

  • Carefully Plan Your Meals
  • Make the Most of Multivitamins
  • Look In Your Fridge First
  • Don’t Forget About Your Freezer
  • Frozen Foods Can Be Your Friends
  • Look for Cheaper Veggies
  • Use Everything You’ve Got
  • Do It Yourself
  • Discover the Wonder of Water

Carefully Plan Your Meals

We all know the scenario: You’re in a rush after work and just barge into the supermarket, grab what you can, and head home. Before you know it, you’ve got a fridge full of food you won’t use. Proper planning is the first step to eating healthy on a budget. Before you go to the store, think about how much money you want to spend, and then plan your meals for the week accordingly. By knowing exactly what you want to buy before you step foot in a supermarket, you’ll avoid wasteful impulse purchases.

Make the Most of Multivitamins

A great way to make sure you are getting all the nutrition you need every day is to take a multivitamin supplement. If you have a diet that is lacking in nutrients, or you don’t like the taste of certain vitamin-rich foods, then a multivitamin can help you make up for any nutritional deficiencies. Try the Orphic Nutrition Multivitamin Gummies for an easy and tasty way to get all your daily vitamins!*

Look In Your Fridge First

Do you really know what is at the back of your refrigerator? Before you step out to the store, take a look at what you’ve already got at home. You’ll be surprised at how creative you can be in making healthy meals from leftover veggies, meats, and proteins!

Don’t Forget About Your Freezer

Your freezer is one of your best friends when it comes to saving money on food. Made too much? Freeze the leftovers and get more meals without worrying about wastage. It’s also a great idea to keep a list of what you have in your freezer and when you froze it.

Frozen Foods Can Be Your Friends

Don’t walk by the frozen food aisle at your local supermarket! Veggies, berries, meat, and even fruits are just as healthy when frozen as they are when fresh. They’ll keep longer and, best of all, they’re much cheaper!

Look for Cheaper Fruit and Veggies

Farmers’ markets and local produce markets often have fresher and cheaper fruit and vegetables than the big chain supermarkets. You can help the environment, cut your costs, and help local growers.

Use Everything You’ve Got

Another good tip to save on the weekly shop is to learn to love leftovers. And we don’t just mean saving what you don’t eat right away. Using all parts of your fruit and vegetables can help to stretch out the number of meals you can get from one shopping trip. Chicken bones make great stock for soup, as do cut off bits of vegetables. Stale bread can be used as croutons or for crumbing. Broccoli stalks and cilantro stalks can be blended to make tasty and nutritious pesto. Use your imagination to make the most of all the food you buy.

Do It Yourself

Why buy food when you can grow it yourself? Growing your own herbs, fruit, and vegetables is easier than you might think and can be done even with only a small balcony space. If you don’t have an outdoor area, there are herbs, fruit, and vegetables that will actually thrive when grown indoors.  

Discover the Wonder of Water

Lots of premade juices and carbonated drinks are not only bad for our overall health, our waistlines, and our teeth, they can also be really expensive! Instead of going for store-bought juices and sodas, try water flavored with herbs or fruit. Or you can quench your thirst with plain water! Natural and great for your body, water is always a cheap – if not entirely free - and healthy option.