Discover the 10 Principles of Intuitive Eating

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a constant challenge for most of us. Counting calories and always trying to keep up with the new dieting fad can be exhausting mentally and physically. What’s worse, is that often you just don’t see the weight loss results you want!

We’ve got good news for anyone who is struggling with dieting. The intuitive eating approach urges you to get rid of your diet and take a more holistic approach to eating. Created by dieticians Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch back in 1995, intuitive eating aims to enhance our awareness of how we eat and encourage us to honor our health by being more aware of our minds and bodies.

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Now, are you ready to ditch your diet plans for good? Let’s have a look at how the 10 principles of intuitive eating can help you maintain a healthy weight and say goodbye to dieting forever!

  1. Don’t Think Like a Dieter
  2. Respect Your Hunger
  3. Come to Peace with Food
  4. Follow Your Own Food Rules
  5. Fully Experience Your Food
  6. Be Aware of Your Fullness Signals
  7. Practice Being Kind to Yourself
  8. Accept Yourself for Who You Are
  9. Be Mindful of Movement
  10. Make Smarter Food Choices


  • Don’t Think Like a Dieter

The first principle of intuitive eating is to reject the diet mentality. Don’t expect that losing weight is a fast or simple process. A lot of diets just don’t work in the long term. Sustainable weight loss is only achievable by taking a holistic view of food and your body.

  • Respect Your Hunger

Don’t starve your body! To stay healthy, you need to listen to the signals your body is giving you and respect and honor your hunger. Eat when you are hungry, do not eat when you are not. Try and accurately gauge your levels of hunger so you are not just eating for the sake of it.

  • Come to Peace with Food

Stop fighting with food. Make peace with food and realize that as long as you maintain a balanced diet, losing weight is not so much about what you eat but how much you eat certain types of foods in conjunction with how much you move. You don’t have to crave food! Eat what you like but avoid overindulging.

  • Follow Your Own Food Rules

Diets create ‘food police’ in our heads that insist we follow unreasonable rules about what food we can eat. Challenge the food police and step away from the negativity and ridiculous rules that diet culture imposes on you!

  • Fully Experience Your Food

Take the time to relish every bite of your food and learn to truly enjoy the sensation of eating. Slow down and be more mindful during meals and you can discover the real satisfaction and pleasure that comes from truly enjoying your food.

  • Be Aware of Your Fullness Signals

One of the most important lessons of the principles of intuitive eating is to make sure you approach eating with mindfulness. Make sure you really tune in to your body and deeply feel your fullness. Listen to the signals your body sends when your hunger is truly satisfied, and you’ll be able to avoid overeating.

  • Practice Being Kind to Yourself

To maintain a healthy weight, we need to recognize that we can’t fix our problems with food.  Instead of using food as a way to deal with anger, depression, or guilt, we should face our emotions with kindness, honesty, and understanding. Food can’t solve your issues, but with a little work, you can find and deal with the cause of your unhappiness.

  • Accept Yourself for Who You Are

We’re often our own worst enemies when it comes to self-appraisals. Would you ever talk to a friend, or even a stranger, the way you speak to yourself at times? The way we look and the shape of our bodies have a lot to do with factors that we can’t control, like our genetics. Concentrate on accepting, loving, and respecting your body.

  • Be Mindful of Movement

You don’t have to start a rigorous gym schedule or take up a contact sport! Simply focus on making movement a part of your daily routine and be mindful of the way that exercise makes you feel. Recognizing that exercise gives a significant boost to your mental health rather than just your physical health can help to make you more motivated to get moving. 

  • Make Smarter Food Choices

You don’t have to deny yourself the occasional treat! Instead, focus on maintaining a balanced diet that gives you all the nutrition you need. Consistency is key when it comes to weight loss and staying healthy. As long as you make healthy food choices most of the time, you’ll be doing the right thing for your body.