Bloating 101: Your guide to ditching the bloat for good


Its a word thats throw around a ton, especially around the dinner table.  People force down that last bite of dessert, drop their fork, and lean back rubbing their tummy and announcing their “stuffed.”  So what is the science behind bloating? Is it simply overeating or is there more to it?  Let’s take a look.


Although overeating is the most common cause of bloating,  There are a few other factors which can play a major role.  Fat molecules are inherently much more difficult for the body to break down then carbohydrates or protein.  It takes much longer to break down and therefore spends a long time digesting in the stomach.  That full bloated feeling can be a result of a high fat intake, especially at a specific meal.


Another factor that can lead to bloating and gassiness is eating too quickly.  When we eat too quickly we don’t give our stomaches a chance to start to break down the food, nor do we give satiety signals a chance to reach the brain.  In short you don't realize your no longer hungry until your stomach is completely full.  At this point its too late and your sure to feel some discomfort and bloating while your stomach tries to break down the meal.


Here’s our 7 step short list to lose the bloat and skip the gas!

1. Up your fiber intake.


Fiber can help keep you regular which is a great start.  Nothing upsets the belly more then constipation.


2.  Skip the heat


Spicy foods are notorious for upsetting your stomach and leading to bloating and large build ups of gas, neither being a pleasant feeling.


3.  Limit Gum


We all chew gum and by no means are we telling you to ditch it.  But if your someone who chews it from morning until night, you should be aware your swallowing a ton of air during the process.  That air can get trapped in the gut causing a build up in pressure.


4.  Say bye bye to splenda


Although advertised as a caloric superior to sugar, splenda and other artificial sweeteners have been proven to increase bloating and give you that “puffy” look you hate so much.


5.  Reduce card consumption


We know  a few of you aren't gonna be happy about us telling you to ditch the morning bagel but hear us out!! Every gram of carbohydrate you consume bonds with 3 grams of water.  Eating a diet high in carbohydrates will force your body to store a TON of excess water weight.


6.  Get yourself moving


Studies have proven that even walking for as little as 5 minutes a day can help expedite the process of digestion by kicking your digestive system into gear.


7.  Drink more water!!


If you read point 6 your probably thinking this is contradictory.  When your body is dehydrated it clings to every ounce of water it can since its in survival mode.  By drinking consistently throughout the day your body is more likely to shed the water it doesn't need.