25 Mindful Affirmations to Help You Stay Centered

Mindfulness is the practice of being more aware of every moment that we experience. By being mindful, we allow ourselves to become more present in our actual reality, to be more thankful for our lives, and to accept ourselves for who we really are. 

If you are struggling to stay positive, feeling overwhelmed by stress, or are finding it difficult to quiet your mind, then mindful affirmations can help you to ground yourself and find peace. 

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Take a deep, calming breath and use these affirmations to become more aware of the present moment, to find acceptance within yourself, and to experience the true joy of living. 

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Why You Should Practice Mindfulness
  • How to Be More Mindful
  • 25 Mindful Affirmations
  • What is Mindfulness?

    You’ll find everyone from psychologists to personal trainers to self-help gurus to Buddhist monks talking about mindfulness. But what is mindfulness exactly? Mindfulness is the simple practice of being aware of everything that you sense and feel at any given moment. Being mindful involves keeping your focus and attention on what is happening right now, without judging yourself or others, and without becoming attached to any feelings or sensations.

    Why You Should Practice Mindfulness

    Practicing mindfulness techniques can provide you with support to calm your mind, lower your stress levels, and improve your self-esteem.* People who practice mindfulness often say that it supports them in becoming more alert and focused, can help them to manage their emotions, and can have a positive impact on relationships with friends, family, and partners.*

    How to Be More Mindful

    One of the key concepts of mindfulness is that it is easy and something that everyone can do. You can practice being more mindful by simply taking more notice of small things that you do regularly, like brushing your teeth or making coffee in the morning. Concentrating on your breath, your actions, and the physical sensations of your clothing on your skin, the seat underneath your body, or the floor underneath your feet can help to develop a sense of mindfulness. 

    Mindful affirmations are powerful tools we can use to assist us in becoming more motivated, help us to maintain a positive outlook, and keep ourselves grounded in the present moment. 

    25 Mindful Affirmations

    1. I am fully present in this moment
    2. I am grateful to experience life
    3. I am a good person with a loving heart
    4. I deserve happiness
    5. Every day is a unique and valuable gift 
    6. I acknowledge the good within myself 
    7. I deserve happiness and fulfillment
    8. I am anchored to the present 
    9. I will not worry about what I cannot control
    10. My thoughts do not control my actions
    11. My fears do not define who I truly am 
    12. Taking care of oneself nourishes the spirit
    13. Everyone can change their lives for the better 
    14. I can discover true happiness 
    15. I accept myself and my life
    16. There is magic to be found in small things
    17. I accept my feelings and thoughts without judgment
    18. I can make the choice to be positive 
    19. I learn and grow with every passing day
    20. My body and my spirit deserve nurturing
    21. I can achieve my dreams
    22. I have boundless courage and resilience
    23. It is OK to not be OK at times
    24. Mistakes are a part of life
    25. I can say no to others, and yes to myself

    Download 25 Mindful Affirmations Below.